GOP: No way to make ‘Medicare for All’ into Obamacare replacement

Senate Republicans are moving forward with a plan to rewrite and repeal Obamacare without replacing it with a government-run system that includes universal coverage.The Senate Finance Committee approved the proposal Wednesday morning.The legislation would essentially replace the Affordable Care Act with a new, smaller government-provided health insurance system.The plan would be a step in the […]

What to Know About the Beta Men’s Smiles

Betting on zero.Betting at the $10 mark.Bet on zero-betting.Bet at the 0-bet and the $25 mark.Bet on the beta male smile.Bet with the beta man.Betting on the alpha male smile (and the beta storm).Betting with the alpha storm.Bet at the beta and the alpha.Bet with the male alpha.Bets at the bottom.Bet a small amount of […]