Why the Dolphins won’t be betting on the AFC title race

Bet365 offers football betting apps that offer the best of Bet365, with more than 100 games available for free.This week’s games are from the AFC Championship, with three teams making their debuts.Bet365 gives the best football betters a chance to win money and enjoy the game.But it’s the latest Bet365 bet you may have missed.Betting […]

‘Danganronpocalypse’ creator explains why he won’t be involved with ‘Spirited Away’ sequel

“I’m not interested,” the “Danganropocalypse” creator explained to Variety when asked about the possibility of working with the movie’s creator Hideaki Anno.“There are many things that I’m not sure about, but the idea of making a sequel to the game I’m really excited about is something I want to do.”The first two games were developed […]