Which teams are the best bets to beat the Dolphins in the playoffs?

Betfair has published a series of bets on which teams will beat the Miami Dolphins in a playoff game on Sunday.In a series which includes the Atlanta Falcons and the Seattle Seahawks, Betfair’s predictions are as follows:Atlanta Falcons -7:1 to beat Miami Dolphins, 7:1 betEagles -9:1, 12:1 spreadBetfair says the Eagles and Falcons will have […]

Which stocks are on the rise, and which are on sale?

Sport bettors will be familiar with the stock market’s most popular stocks: Aussie Football League, United States Hockey League, and American Football League.These teams have proven to be some of the most profitable teams in the game’s history.They are also among the top five largest sports bookmakers.But sports bookmaker bet365 is betting that one day, […]