How to bet on football games at the right time and with the right odds in BetPlus, the beta waves app for iOS

BetPlus is a beta app for bettors that lets them bet on games, movies and TV shows on demand.You can now bet on all sports, from football to tennis, and the app also offers a number of different sports betting sites.If you want to bet sports, BetPlus offers a wide range of betting sites for […]

Why You Should Care About the Billionaire Who’s Tearing Up the Bets

The bet on David and Janet is big news.The big bet, as it happens, is that it’s not about the money.It’s about the truth.The bet is about the fact that there’s a vast and well-funded disinformation campaign against Janet and David.It comes in two parts.First, the big lie: Janet and Bill are going to ruin […]

What’s BetPlus and how does it work?

BetPlus is a new online betting site launched by BetStars which aims to offer the cheapest, best and most comprehensive betting options available.It launched with a bang and is now attracting more than 400,000 registered users.The service offers a range of games and betting methods which are based on betting odds and other information, with […]