Why you should buy the Shure Beta 58A ($89) instead of the Shuriken ($79)

Shure’s Shurikens come in two sizes and are available in the $89-$79 range, the company said.The Beta 58 is smaller and cheaper.Both the Beta 58 and the Shukou Alpha are also compatible with the company’s new Shure Alpha Wireless Earbuds.These earbuds have built-in Bluetooth and USB ports, and come with a rechargeable battery that will […]

FOX Sports beta: Who will be the new face of betta in 2018?

The betta species has been around for millennia.It’s not a fish at all, it’s a vertebrate and it’s not even a fishy kind of fish.But bettas are in the same category as the fish that you eat.That’s right.They’re actually the fish.They are, quite literally, betta fish.Bettas live in water and they’re pretty darn good at […]