How to stop your beta walking death

What’s happening to you?How to keep it from happening to others.That’s the question we’ve been asking ourselves as we’ve gone through the Beta Walk, the one-week trial for beta testing in the US.┬áNow, it’s been a week since the beta kicked off and the results are in.But first, a little background.Beta is a free, ad-supported, […]

Watch This: ESPN’s Mike Tirico on how to bet on the NFL, NFL draft,and the 2016 Super Bowl

Mike Tiricos odds on the upcoming NFL Draft: 1/10.5 – NFL teams are going to take the QB.1/10 – The Patriots are likely to be better than the Chiefs.1.5/10- NFL teams could be more productive if they draft a quarterback than they would be if they took a WR.1 – I am not sure how […]