How to win a horse betting game online, in one city

In August, Ontario became the first province to legalize horse betting, a controversial move that has generated outrage and controversy in the province.Now the horse racing industry in Batavia, Ont., is hoping to capitalize on the change with online horse betting.A few weeks ago, the city of Batavia became the latest Ontario municipality to allow […]

Which are the best bets for the most money?

The best bet in the latest edition of’s Best Betting Series is now available for free download.The game pits you against a computer-controlled opponent, who must choose one of four strategies to defeat a virtual bank robber.Each player is given a maximum of three points and a total of five points to win the […]

NFL Betting Predictions: Baltimore Ravens | Pittsburgh Steelers | Jacksonville Jaguars | Oakland Raiders

Bets are on the rise for the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers as the NFL season begins, with both teams looking to bounce back after an early loss to the Denver Broncos.Both the Baltimore and Pittsburgh teams have a large history in the AFC South, with the Ravens winning the division twice and the Steelers […]