Why Kentucky Derby betting is about to explode

Kentucky Derby bettors are already buying into the trend and are making big bets on the outcome of the Kentucky Derby.The Kentucky Derby has become one of the most popular betting venues and betting sites.Now, Kentucky Derby insiders are betting big on the horse race.The Derby’s biggest betting site, wagering365.com, has posted its first ever […]

Which are the best bets for the most money?

The best bet in the latest edition of Betting.com’s Best Betting Series is now available for free download.The game pits you against a computer-controlled opponent, who must choose one of four strategies to defeat a virtual bank robber.Each player is given a maximum of three points and a total of five points to win the […]

Which NFL teams should you bet on?

The Big Ten has a lot to prove after its 1-1 tie with the SEC in the College Football Playoff.Michigan and Ohio State will play in the national championship game, while Nebraska and Wisconsin are the two teams who are still in contention for the Big Ten title.However, it seems that most people who have […]

How to fix beta sitostatosis: How to make it last

How to Fix Beta Sitosterol?It’s the question everyone has been asking about beta sitotriene and beta satostatostatic hydrolysis, and for good reason.When you’re dealing with beta sito, the mainstay of the body’s metabolic machinery, there’s a good chance that it’s the result of a beta-sitosterol-mediated problem that’s causing you to lose weight.This can be caused […]

Betting apps are killing college football, and college football bettors are paying for it

On a sunny day at a sports book in the Delaware Valley, a few of the staff are already working their phones on the latest NFL and NCAA sports betting odds.There’s a stack of bets on every card in sight, including a $100 bet on the Eagles and a $1,000 bet on Florida State.It’s a […]

How many NFL games will you watch this season?

The NFL’s annual draft is about to begin, and a lot of games are on the line.This week, NFL Network will unveil the odds for every game.The network is currently running the following:  1.New Orleans Saints @ San Diego Chargers 2.Atlanta Falcons @ Carolina Panthers 3.Cincinnati Bengals @ Tennessee Titans 4.Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars 5.New York Jets @ New […]