In August, Ontario became the first province to legalize horse betting, a controversial move that has generated outrage and controversy in the province.

Now the horse racing industry in Batavia, Ont., is hoping to capitalize on the change with online horse betting.

A few weeks ago, the city of Batavia became the latest Ontario municipality to allow the practice, joining the ranks of municipalities in Prince Edward Island, Alberta, Nova Scotia and Manitoba.

It was also the first municipality to legalize betting online.

The new legislation was approved by the Ontario Sportsbetting Board on Thursday and will take effect in September.

It allows municipalities to regulate the practice and ban the use of electronic devices such as mobile phones or other devices that allow a person to track a horse, bet or conduct a bet on a horse.

It also requires horse racing to pay the money up front to the winning bidder.

In a news release, city council says the new law is designed to ensure public safety and ensure the integrity of horse racing.

It will also help to provide better services for patrons and reduce the burden on taxpayers, the release states.

“Our goal is to make sure that everyone is on the same page and we have the best possible online betting experience,” Batavia Mayor Peter Hynes said in a news conference.

Hynes added that the city has partnered with the Canadian Association of Chief Executives (CAFE) and the Canadian Paddington Association to develop a “community-driven, online betting model that is focused on the community.”

“Our aim is to have this as a viable alternative for the horse, and we are very excited about it,” he said.

The city has been working to develop an online betting platform since January, when it received a request from the CAFE.

Hanes said the city will offer bettors a chance to play in the games.

The horse will be the first in a series of bettings and a horse-to-horse, horse-for-horse or horse-on-horse bet can be won.

Hoppers can bet on the winner using a combination of a combination number and bet amount.

The odds are based on the number of bets placed.

A horse can lose a bet for $10,000, for example, but can win a bet worth $10 million.

Hensys said he hopes to get the service up and running by mid-October.

If successful, it could be rolled out across Ontario by the end of 2020.

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