Miami Dolphins trade for QB Josh Rosen

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross announced Wednesday that the team has traded for quarterback Josh Rosen.It comes as the team also dealt with an injury crisis this offseason and is looking to rebuild.ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Rosen will receive a five-year contract worth $30 million.“We’re excited to add a proven veteran quarterback in Josh […]

How to win a horse betting game online, in one city

In August, Ontario became the first province to legalize horse betting, a controversial move that has generated outrage and controversy in the province.Now the horse racing industry in Batavia, Ont., is hoping to capitalize on the change with online horse betting.A few weeks ago, the city of Batavia became the latest Ontario municipality to allow […]

Which Pornstar is Really ‘The Lost Bet’? (EXCLUSIVE)

Now Playing: How to Spot Your Next ‘Lost Bet’ Pornstar Now Playing.Now Playing How to Stop the Internet from Watching You Now Playing Who is the Real ‘Lost Bets’ Porn Star?Now Playing ‘What Are the Best Porn Stars?’Now Playing What Is the Most Famous ‘Lost’ Porn Stars?Now Casting.Now Casting: Who Is the Next ‘Big Bets’?Now […]

How to bet on football games at the right time and with the right odds in BetPlus, the beta waves app for iOS

BetPlus is a beta app for bettors that lets them bet on games, movies and TV shows on demand.You can now bet on all sports, from football to tennis, and the app also offers a number of different sports betting sites.If you want to bet sports, BetPlus offers a wide range of betting sites for […]