The NBA is expected to make a significant investment in its NBA Betting Line, a bettors’ tool that aims to increase odds for NBA games in the near future.

The NBA will use the money to expand its NBA Sportsbook, a digital marketplace that has already become the biggest online betting platform.

The NBA will also pay out more than $1 billion in free money to its owners and sponsors, according to sources familiar with the deal.

The partnership is expected in 2018.

The bettor’s tool is expected by some to become the most valuable sportsbook in the world, according the sources.

It is believed that the NBA will spend about $2 billion on the tool over the next five years, the sources said.

It will also be able to offer more than a million sportsbooks.

The company will also take on additional partnerships to add to the offerings, sources said, with some of the deals expected to be for $10 billion.

The investment in the NBA Sportsbetting Line will help it grow its bettorship base and also improve the odds of NBA games.

The NFL is a different story.

The NFL is believed to be preparing to launch a new sportsbook, but no announcement has been made about the new venture.