NEW YORK — The makers of the AR-tester, which has been hailed by some as the most accurate and accurate device ever built, will soon launch a device that promises to be the world’s best-selling device in its first year of sale.ARCTERYx, a New York-based startup founded by former Apple engineer and AR/VR evangelist Alex Kipnis, plans to release the ART-1 in October.

The device, which is a “world’s first,” will be the first AR-equipped device to be made entirely of aluminum and will offer up to six times the light-gathering capacity of current AR devices.

Kipnis said the AR/ VR device has been in development since at least 2012, and was first unveiled at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.

It was described as a “revolutionary device” by the Wall Street Journal, but it was later criticized for being expensive, limited in functionality, and lacking in features.

The AR-1 was not released until 2018, when Apple was forced to recall a number of the devices because of a fire that caused one of its prototypes to catch fire.

Since the AR device was first released, Kipni said he has been contacted by a number different companies interested in the device, including Canonical, Google, IBM, Samsung, Samsung Electronics, and ZenFone.

The AR device is meant to provide the highest-quality AR experience possible for the consumer, with a variety of different sensors, cameras, displays, and more.

It also includes an audio receiver that can produce 3D audio with sound.

AR/vr is a virtual reality, AR/TV, AR-TV, or AR-tracked device that can be used for a variety or uses, including entertainment, entertainment, and personal use, according to the company.

The company has also developed a hardware version of the device and plans to have it available to retailers for $50 at the start of November.

A $500 device is also planned, and will have a more robust software platform.

Kopi, a former Apple employee, was hired as the company’s CEO in January 2017 and quickly gained fame in the tech community as a tech evangelist, evangelist and outspoken advocate of AR/videogames.

He left Apple in September 2018 after two years of work on the AR system.

Kipinis said he will also continue to lead AR/tv and AR-tv, but will remain on the board of directors for AR/TR and ART.

He also said he intends to work on a hardware AR-tech product that will be released in the second half of 2021.