The Shadowlands Beta is now up for download on Google Play.

The game, released last year as a mobile title, has since been ported to Android and iOS.

The beta includes a brand new, free-to-play, co-op multiplayer mode, as well as the ability to play online and on the go.

Players will be able to play Shadowlands for free, though some in-game purchases can be made.

Shadowlands was announced by Shadowgrounds developer Shadowlands and released to the public on October 16, 2017.

The free-content includes two new maps and two new modes: Team Deathmatch and Co-Op Co-op Deathmatch.

The second mode, Team Deathmatches, is a co-operative deathmatch game.

In Co-Operative Deathmatch, players compete against each other in a round of deathmatches.

Each round of matches consists of a predetermined number of deathmatch rounds and one or more of the players will take a kill or assist on their opponent.

The amount of kills required to win the round varies depending on the player’s score and position on the leaderboards.

The top-scoring player in each deathmatch round will win a prize, which will be awarded to the next highest score in that round.

The Team Death match modes will allow players to play a team-based deathmatch mode with their friends, and there is currently no way to play it with the online multiplayer.

The online multiplayer is still a beta, though, so we won’t have full details on how to play the game until it is released.

Shadowgrounds beta was recently featured on a Google+ Hangout, so hopefully you’ll be able the next time you want to know more about the game.