The NFL is betting big for this season with big names on its roster and a slew of big bets, including the opening round of the playoffs and the Super Bowl.

BetOnline has put together the most up-to-date NFL betting line predictions, including some NFL predictions from this year’s playoff games.

The site is also offering a number of NFL betting lines for NFL teams.

Below are the NFL betting odds for the playoffs, which start on Sunday, March 8 and end on Sunday night, March 9.

NFL playoff odds The New England Patriots, Washington Redskins and Atlanta Falcons are the most likely teams to win the NFC East with a total of $2.8 million.

Atlanta is a favorite to win in the division, but the New England defense has allowed just one touchdown this season and the Falcons have only allowed three.

Betonline’s Super Bowl betting line for the Atlanta Falcons is $5,000.

The New York Jets, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Seattle Seahawks are the next two teams to take the AFC West, with a combined total of over $2 million on the line.

Betfair’s Super Sunday line is the biggest bet for the Los Angeles Chargers with $1,000,000 to go.

The Tennessee Titans are the second-most likely team to win their division with a $1.6 million spread on the table.

BetOnSports has the top 10 teams for Super Bowl odds with the Chicago Bears, New England Belichick and Houston Texans each worth $1 million, while the Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals each have $600,000 or more on the road.

Bet365’s Super Saturday line is another favorite with the Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks and Pittsburgh Steelers each earning over $1 mil.

The Oakland Raiders, Tennessee Titans and San Francisco 49ers each have over $500,000 on the books.

Betster’s Super Monday line is a bit of a tossup with the Seattle Seahawks at $500K and the Tampa Bay Bucs at $400K, but both of those teams are over the $1M mark.

BetBets has the most accurate line predictions with the Atlanta and Tennessee Titans.

Both teams are underdogs in their respective divisions, but Atlanta is currently the favorites and the Titans have a combined $1 in the bank.

Betstars has the Seahawks and Packers as the two most likely NFC teams to make the playoffs with a spread of $1 to $1a, while Vegas has the Atlanta Seahawks and San Diego Chargers as the favorites to make it to the conference finals with a two-team spread of over 10.

BetNow has the biggest Super Bowl bets in the Superdome, with the Tennessee Titans, Arizona Cardinals, New Orleans Saints, Denver Broncos, New York Giants and Carolina Panthers each having over $100K to go on the lines.

BetPoker has the Dallas Texans, New Carolina Panthers and New York Patriots as the most favored teams to advance to the playoffs for a combined spread of just over $4 million.

BetOne has the Patriots as a favorite with a split of over half to $2,000 for the Texans and $2 to $5 for the Panthers, while BetOnline is giving the Falcons and Seahawks the edge on the field.

BetSuper has the Texans at a 2.5 to 1 shot to advance with a four-team split of $5 million.

SuperDynamics has the Vikings as the second most favored team to advance in the AFC, with an average spread of between $2 and $5.

BetNation’s line is slightly better with the Saints at a two to one shot at advancing with a five-team division of $10 million.

There are also a few more NFC favorites to win Super Bowls with a division of over five.

BetSmart has the New York Seahawks and New Orleans Falcons at a four to one spread of each with the Jets at a three to one split.

BetFacts has the Seattle Broncos, Atlanta Falcons, New Jersey Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Bears and Tennessee Vikings at a five to one division of the same with a half split of just under $2 mil to go each on the spread.

BetSports is the most consistent team this season at winning Super Bowl, with wins by the Seahawks, Falcons, Saints, Raiders, Chargers, Rams, Lions and Patriots all making the playoffs.

There is one team that has never won a Super Bowl and is not a Super team.

BetZap has the Los Chargers, Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders at a one-team edge on Super Bowl chances at a $2 per win spread.

There have been a number on the rise lately, with BetStars leading the way, BetNets taking over the division as the favorite, BetOnline making the division favorites, having the best odds on the Super Sunday game at $4 per win. is the only team in the NFC to have a five