Betfair has published a series of bets on which teams will beat the Miami Dolphins in a playoff game on Sunday.

In a series which includes the Atlanta Falcons and the Seattle Seahawks, Betfair’s predictions are as follows:Atlanta Falcons -7:1 to beat Miami Dolphins, 7:1 betEagles -9:1, 12:1 spreadBetfair says the Eagles and Falcons will have the biggest advantages in their respective playoff matchups.

Betfair’s picks are as follow:Eagles:7:5 to beat Dolphins, 6:5 betEligible Eagles fans have been warned to be on the lookout for an Eagles team which will be a total mismatch for the Miami defense.

The Eagles will need to avoid mistakes and will need the Dolphins to make a few mistakes on defense to come away with a win.

Miami Dolphins -6:5 spread betBetfair thinks the Dolphins will struggle in their second game after their loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Dolphins have been struggling in their own right after their bye week.

Betfair expects Miami to give up a few big plays in their two games.

Betwise says the Dolphins should have a chance to win their game against the Eagles.

The Miami Dolphins have had a tough time finding consistency on offense this season, with only one game coming on Sunday night, when the Eagles went up 17-3.

Betwiser has a different take on the Dolphins.

Betwitwiser says that despite a few games being off this week, the Dolphins are one of the most consistent teams in the league, especially when you look at the rest of the playoff picture.

It’s tough to pick the Dolphins against the Falcons because the Falcons have the better offense, but the Dolphins have a tough matchup against the Seahawks and Eagles.

It’s just a matter of who is playing better.

Bet wethers are right for the Dolphins or not, the odds are not good for the Eagles in the playoff race.

The Eagles will not have the best record in the AFC North.

The Miami Dolphins are the favorites to win the division and advance to the Super Bowl.