How to bet on the NBA playoffs?

This year’s NBA is just the latest in a long line of basketball seasons that promise to be epic.

Bet on the playoffs.

But how much should you bet on a playoff game?

We took a look at how much you should bet on each game and what it would cost you.


Warriors vs. Lakers This is one of the biggest games of the year.

Who would win?

Warriors (57-6) The Warriors are headed to the Finals for the first time since 2003.

That would be the first playoff appearance in the franchise’s history.

In addition to being the NBA’s all-time winningest team, Golden State has also won the championship three straight years.

It’s not surprising that the Warriors would make the playoffs, given that they have been consistently one of this generation’s top teams.

However, the Lakers (41-13) are a playoff team, but their recent success is largely due to Kobe Bryant.

The Lakers have won three of their last four games.

They’re also undefeated this season.


the Warriors have the second-best record in the West, and that should make them the favorites to win the series.

The Warriors would be favored to advance, but the Lakers would win in six games.

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The Cavs vs. Spurs This is a rematch of the 2016 NBA Finals.

This year, the Spurs are coming off a playoff run where they lost to the eventual champions in Cleveland.

The Cavaliers, who have been one of those teams that has been in a slump for years, are back on the court.

However the Cavs are coming into this series as a legitimate threat.

They’ve won five of their past six games and are coming out with a much improved defense.

If the Cavs can keep up with the Warriors in this series, they’ll be favored.

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Kings vs. Warriors If the Kings were to advance to the NBA Finals this year, they would face off against the Warriors again.

In fact, they have the same record as last season.

Last year the Kings had a 10-10 record in this year’s playoffs.

However this year they’re a different team and the Warriors are still favored.

So the Kings would have to win this game to advance.

However if they don’t advance, they could be playing the Warriors this year.

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