BetOnline has released its first beta bet odds for NFL betting games on Wednesday, offering bet winners $200,000 in cash, free bets, and more.

BetOnline, one of the most popular bet sites in the NFL, launched the beta bet option in late September to help fans bet on the games.

BetOnline is offering $1,500 cash and free bets at each bet.

It’s also offering a $25 bonus for $500 bets.

BetBetOnline says the new bet odds will be updated to reflect the NFL season and are available for those interested in playing.

BetOnLine, the NFL’s third-party betting platform, will continue to offer bet odds until the 2017 regular season ends on December 31, 2017.

BetOnLine has more than 1.8 million registered users and bet odds can be found at

The NFL will not provide further details about the beta BetOnline beta bet.

Betonline has been the official NFL bet site since April of this year and the NFL and BetOnline have been partners since 2011.