Microsoft and EA have announced that they will be beta testing the beta version of the upcoming football game for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 23.

According to a post on the Microsoft blog, Microsoft will be running a beta testing program for Xbox Live Gold members on November 22, Xbox Live Silver members on the same day, and Xbox Live Arcade members on Nov. 23.

Microsoft will be holding the beta testing from Nov. 22 through Nov. 30.

The company says that the beta program will be for “beta testers only”.

Microsoft says that all Xbox Live members can take part in the beta and can download the game on the Xbox One Store.

The Xbox Live beta testing is open to people aged 18 or older, and those who have signed up for a paid subscription to Xbox Live will be able to play the beta on the service.

Microsoft will also be giving Xbox Live players a free Xbox Live subscription for a limited time in order to participate in the Beta program.

According the Microsoft post, Xbox One owners will be required to download and install the beta software.

The beta will be available for Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 and Windows 7 computers.

Microsoft says that beta testers will be notified of when the beta is available.

The Xbox One Beta program is available to Xbox Gold members, Xbox Silver members and Xbox Gold users on November 24.

The program is free for all users.

Microsoft also announced that the game is in beta on PC.

Microsoft notes that it is not yet available on other platforms.

Microsoft says the beta will also test the multiplayer capabilities of the Xbox Live service.

It will allow users to play multiplayer games on Xbox Live and also test how the service can help users access other Xbox Live services such as the Xbox Games Store and Microsoft Studios.

Microsoft also says that Xbox Live users can use the beta to test and compare multiplayer games.

According Microsoft, Xbox gamers can get the beta download in a variety of ways, including using the Xbox App on Xbox One or Xbox 360, the Xbox app on the new Xbox One console or through the Xbox Store on Windows PC.

The game is also available for download on the Windows 10 PC.