Donald Trump is betting $10 million on 2020 presidential election, a move that will likely prove pivotal in the Republican party’s push to reclaim control of the White House.

Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, announced the bet Wednesday in a tweet, saying he was “making a big bet.”

“I will be the nominee in 2020,” Trump wrote.

“I have a lot of respect for you and your party.

And I have a big win in 2020!”

The bet comes just days after Trump gave a speech in which he praised Trump’s ability to win a “win.”

“In a political climate that has never been more important, Donald Trump has never had to do the same, and I think that will continue,” Trump said at the rally in Phoenix.

“He’s been very, very tough on everybody.”

Trump, who has said he will not seek a fourth term as president, will face Democrat Hillary Clinton in November.

The New York businessman has been criticized by Republicans for his decision to take money from foreign governments during his tenure as president.

The tweet comes as Republicans in Congress are pushing a slew of bills that would curb the power of the Electoral College, which Trump has repeatedly claimed is a “farce” and a “rigged” system.

In addition to the 2020 bet, Trump is also planning to invest millions in the 2020 campaign, according to the New York Post.

Trump is a registered Democrat and has consistently said he is not planning to run for president again.

He also has vowed not to raise taxes on the middle class, despite the country’s massive tax burden.