The Hill’s Mark Suster, senior economist and the founder of Sustainer Investment Management, recently told CNBC that while he is not sure which companies are going to be “the biggest winners,” he believes that there will be some winners.

Suster explained: I don’t know which of the top 5 companies are the biggest winners, but I do think the five biggest winners will be the biggest players in this space.

Sustainer believes that Facebook and Google will lead the pack in the tech sector.

They’ve both invested heavily in mobile and augmented reality, Suster explained.

Google and Facebook are both investing heavily in machine learning and artificial intelligence, and the two companies are already in the process of building new AI software that will be used in both the augmented reality and machine learning businesses.

But Suster said that the top companies in this sector are not necessarily the ones that have the highest earnings per share.

The biggest winners in the technology sector are the ones who are building the biggest products,” Suster told CNBC’s “Squawk Box.

“He added that he believes the companies that are most likely to see the greatest gains from artificial intelligence and machine intelligence will be those that have built products that are already well-established and profitable.

The top 10 companies in Suster’s top 10 list include Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Netflix, and Alphabet.

Apple is the most powerful company in the entire tech sector and it will likely continue to dominate the digital economy for years to come.

The company’s products are often designed to deliver the most bang for the buck.

The iPhone has been around for decades, but its popularity has only increased in recent years.

The iPad has become a popular portable tablet that can be used by all sorts of people, from small children to CEOs of big companies.

Apple’s stock has skyrocketed, and its stock price has nearly doubled since its high in the spring of 2013.

In the tech industry, companies like Amazon and Google have a vested interest in the growth of artificial intelligence.

The two companies have invested heavily into research and development, and they are also developing AI tools to help their products be used across a wide range of platforms, Susters explained.

In 2017, Apple and Google are both expected to produce their own AI software to compete with each other in the marketplace for AI jobs.

This is because AI is expected to become a major industry in the coming years.

According to Suster: Artificial intelligence and robotics are likely to become the new normal, and artificial Intelligence and robotics will be more important to our economic and social future than ever before.

And we will be able to predict and act upon the future trends, trends, and developments of AI and robotics.

The best companies in tech have been able to take advantage of these new trends, Surtans predictions suggest.

But he also warned that the future may not be as rosy for the technology industry.”

The best technology companies will not be the winners in this area because the technology and technology companies may not continue to be the leaders in the industry,” Surtas said.

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