New Scientist article The latest version of New Scientist, the venerable online news service that was formerly called Science, has a new homepage.

And this one looks pretty similar to the one that was first used in 2012, but it’s now a bit different, too.

It’s called “new world beta”, and it’s not even an entirely new look for the site, according to the company.

It’s a redesign that took about a month to complete.

“The team did a lot of internal prototyping and iteration over the course of this redesign,” New Scientist editor-in-chief Christopher Lutz wrote in a blog post.

“The goal was to create a website that is as visually pleasing as possible while retaining some of the functionality of the original site.”

New Scientist is still called Science as of this writing.

You can see the redesigned site in action in this video.

The design changes include a redesigned homepage and a new logo, but they’re also subtle.

The old logo is still visible, but the new version is not.

The new logo looks like it’s a bit more “elegant” and less “silly” than the old one.

The new design also includes a redesigned search box and a better navigation sidebar.

New Science is now a much more usable website, which is a good thing.

So is it worth the price of admission?

Well, not as much as it would have been a few years ago.

New Scientist’s advertising is $7.99 a month.

That’s a lot less than the $15 a month that the company charges for a subscription.

Still, that’s $50 less than Google News, the free news service it launched last year.

In addition to its new website, New Scientist also launched a new app called New Worlds, which will allow users to dive deeper into the site by diving into the news feed.

The app is now available for iOS and Android.

New Worlds has also been redesigned to look more like Google News.

The homepage of New Worlds now looks like the old homepage.

New Science now looks much like Science.

New Scientist has long been known for its news coverage and deep, personal stories.

But it’s also known for making money by selling advertising.

So while the redesign is not as exciting as a new version of the New York Times, it’s still worth the cost.

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