Beto Beto Son’s father, Beto, has called the fight for the UFC heavyweight title between Beto Jr. and Conor McGregor a “payback” for his criticism of the UFC’s handling of the Beto family.

Son has been a fan of the promotion since his childhood, but he has been outspoken against the UFC, with which he has clashed before.

He has also questioned the legitimacy of UFC fighters being forced to fight in the octagon, something that he has also been a vocal supporter of.

Son’s father spoke to theScore after the UFC 205 main event, where he expressed his disappointment that McGregor was able to defeat Beto in the first round, saying that the champion deserved better than a loss.

Son is known for his aggressive style of training, and has made it known on social media that he will be ready for Beto.

Son, who is currently out of action due to injury, will take on Beto after losing to Max Holloway at UFC 205, which is expected to take place in February in Las Vegas.

Son previously faced Conor McGregor at UFC 189 in February, and it was the first fight between the two fighters.

Son told MMA Fighting’s Jorge Masvidal that he is still waiting for McGregor to make his next UFC fight, but has already spoken with the UFC brass about the possibility of a fight.

Son said he will fight Beto on Jan. 26, when he takes on the former UFC heavyweight champion in the UFC Bellator lightweight title bout.

Son won the title in June, but it is uncertain whether or not the fight will take place at UFC 200.

Son did not rule out a rematch with McGregor, but also stressed that he still wants to make the fight happen at UFC 210.

Son will be looking to rebound after losing the UFC belt in June.

He also believes that McGregor will be able to make it back to the UFC after fighting the former champion at UFC 191.

Son believes that Beto has been underperforming since his first title defense at UFC 190, which he lost via first-round TKO to Rafael dos Anjos.

Son also believes McGregor’s loss at UFC 194 in July of last year was due to him not making the right decisions in the fight, and that he may have been hurt mentally in that fight.

The son also has mixed feelings about his UFC contract, as he said that he believes that he should have been given a four-year contract extension.

Son and Beto have fought on several occasions, and the son has said that it is his favorite fight of his career.

Son was scheduled to face Beto at UFC 199, but UFC officials had a change of heart after Beto was pulled from the card.

Son now has a fight scheduled for UFC 202, where Beto will be fighting Yoel Romero on Jan 6, 2017.

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