What you need to know about the Zika virus

The virus that causes microcephaly in babies is spreading rapidly across Latin America and Europe, and is the first in the Americas to be found in a human population.

There are fears that it could spread further, especially in the Caribbean and Mexico, where the number of confirmed cases has climbed to nearly 7,000.

A vaccine has not been approved yet, and it is not yet known how the virus would respond to that.

This week, a team of US researchers announced a breakthrough in their Zika vaccine project: They have created a vaccine that could be tested in the wild, and could be given to pregnant women as soon as 2019.

It is the second vaccine from the US, following one that was approved in November.

But it is the US vaccine that has been tested in animals, in an animal model.

In other words, the vaccine was tested in humans.

And it is working.

It works in mice, and in pregnant mice, it has not only protected against Zika, but also reduced the risk of microcephi.

But while the vaccine appears to be working, there is a question mark about whether it will be enough to stop Zika from spreading.

It was a surprise to most.

It took months for scientists to find out that Zika could be transmitted through a mosquito bite.

The first cases were in Brazil, but then the virus went on to infect other countries in Latin America, including Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Colombia.

And then, in May, the virus struck Brazil, causing at least one death.

In some countries, the number who contracted Zika in the first six months of this year was almost 2 million.

In Argentina, there were over 2.6 million cases and 2,400 deaths.

What makes this outbreak particularly worrying is that so many of those infections were caused by mosquitoes that were not vaccinated against the virus.

In Brazil, there are nearly 4,000 reported cases, including nearly 700 deaths.

And the Zika vaccine is not fully effective in protecting people from Zika in people.

For example, the team is now working on developing a vaccine to prevent transmission to humans from mosquitoes infected with Zika in Africa.

But, for now, there has been no progress in testing the vaccine in humans, because there are not enough mice to get a vaccine out in the field.

So while there are fears of more infections in the future, there’s also a great deal of optimism about the vaccine’s ability to stop the spread of Zika.

What the researchers say The researchers who developed the vaccine, the Vaccine Development Institute, and the Brazilian government announced their new vaccine at a conference in Washington DC on Wednesday.

They presented their vaccine to a packed house, including the US president, who was sitting at the front.

He asked questions, and they answered, as they always do.

And one of the things that we heard was, well, what are the advantages of this vaccine compared to other vaccines that we’ve used before?

The answer was that they are different, because they’re not a single vaccine, but two vaccines that are in different stages of development.

They are a small-dose vaccine that can be administered to women at home and women who have been exposed to the virus, and then they are a full-dose, live-virus vaccine.

The US and Brazil were the first countries to introduce a small, live vaccine, called ZIKV-2, in 2011.

That vaccine had a very limited effect in the United States.

The virus in that vaccine was much more lethal than Zika.

And as of May, ZIKWv2 had killed 2,350 people in the US and nearly 700 in Brazil.

But the vaccine has been in the works for months and is now being tested in mice.

That has led the US government to say that they have “a good chance” of developing a new vaccine.

This is why this is so important.

The researchers say that in the long term, they think that the vaccine could protect people from a lot of the side effects that people often experience with vaccines.

But in the short term, the side effect rate could increase.

There is a risk of some people taking more than the vaccine would be effective in, but we don’t know if that will be a problem.

But if it does, that could put people at risk for complications like Guillain-Barre syndrome, which can cause severe neurological damage.

The Zika vaccine was first approved in the Philippines in June.

But then, after several trials and in a controlled laboratory setting, the drug was withdrawn in August.

And since then, it is unclear how the vaccine is doing.

The scientists say that while there is some hope that the Zika vaccines might work in a large number of people, that hope may fade quickly if the vaccine becomes too effective.

This story has been updated to correct the spelling of Isabela.

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