New World beta for PlayStation Vita is set to launch on February 12.

However, it may be a while before you can start playing games on your PS VITA.

Sony is currently in the process of rolling out the beta, which will be accessible on PS Vita’s home screen, and will also be available to download from the PlayStation Store for the first time.

To play games, you’ll need to select the PS Vita as the “PS Vita Pro” or “PSVita” option on your home screen.

The Beta will only be available on PSVita, but the console is expected to get a lot more games this year.

To start, you can download the PSVITA Beta from the PS Store for free.

There are a few other free beta titles available on the PlayStation Vita’s PlayStation Store, but you’ll have to purchase them to get access to the Beta.

There is a beta of Super Smash Bros. for PS Vita on the PS Vita that you can try out for free, but it only supports Japanese PS4s and PlayStation Vita Pro devices.

You can also download a beta version of The Banner Saga: Bannerlord on the Vita, but only supports PlayStation Vita.

It’s not clear how much of a difference this will make, but we’re expecting to see a lot of new titles available from the Beta as it goes live.

The PS Vita has been one of Sony’s best-selling consoles in recent years, but Sony has recently announced that the company will be focusing on its PlayStation VR lineup, which it said will be “the largest in the world”.

Sony also announced plans to launch its PS VR headset this holiday season, and it’s set to arrive in stores later this month.

The company is also reportedly working on a “virtual reality headset”, but we don’t know whether that will be the PS VR itself or a companion device for other PS VR headsets.

The only other new VR headset announced by Sony is the PlayStation VR Pro.

It will be launched on January 13 for $399.

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