Politics Betting 101: How to make money betting on the election.

The big winner in the last two weeks of presidential politics has been bettor Karl Rove, whose conservative political consulting firm, Rove Strategies, has made a name for itself as a major player in the early voting state of Iowa.

He has spent more than $20 million in Iowa so far this year, according to data compiled by The Associated Press.

And that money is pouring into battleground states like Pennsylvania and Virginia, where the campaigns are spending a lot of money.

Rove’s firm has been running an advertising blitz in the state that began last week, including a radio ad, a TV spot, a spot on the front pages of newspapers and other print media and a $2 million buy of the state’s largest newspaper.

Rove, in an interview with The Associated House Press, said the goal was to build a network of “grassroots” supporters.

He said he hopes to make a significant difference in the November election by taking out ads in more than half the states.

The Republican National Committee, the campaign arm of the party that controls Congress, is spending $10 million on ads in Iowa, according.

Rove is not a paid media executive, but he has a huge audience and a proven track record of being able to build the network.

He also has a reputation for getting his news straight and putting people in front of cameras to tell the truth.

Rove has made it a habit to call on conservatives in conservative media and outside groups to contribute to the ads.

Rove spent $2.5 million on an ad buy in New Hampshire last month, according in the New Hampshire campaign finance reports.

And Rove has also been a major backer of the pro-Cruz Super PAC, which has spent $10.7 million in the race to support the senator.

“The big prize is to have the most effective, conservative ads in the primary,” said Jon Feliciano, the former campaign manager for President George W. Bush.

Felicianos PAC has spent nearly $11 million in ads in support of Cruz.

“But it’s not the only prize, and we need to be cognizant of that,” he said.

A super PAC that spent $11.3 million in 2012 and 2012 in Iowa and Pennsylvania, the pro.

Cruz.PAC spent another $4 million in Florida this month, and another $2 billion in the upcoming cycle.

The pro.

Bush super PAC spent $5.2 million on TV ads last week.

The ads targeted Cruz’s economic policy record and his support for President Barack Obama, but did not mention him.

Rove declined to comment on the ads, saying that’s a matter for the campaign.

Rove spokesman Ryan Shapiro said in an email that Rove has been working with Super PACs “to build a solid foundation in Iowa to support Iowa voters.”

“Karl is focused on building the largest grass roots support base in the Republican Party and the next step is to make sure they get the best possible message, in the best way possible,” Shapiro said.

Iowa is a crucial battleground state for Republicans, but Rove has a long history of being the go-to candidate for conservatives.

The two men worked together on a series of political campaigns for Bush in 2000 and 2004.

The former president has said the former adviser has a good understanding of the issues and will help him build a coalition of support.

The Bush team, however, is now focusing on the general election and is spending a ton of money on television ads to help elect the Republican nominee.

“It’s a very big-picture strategy, and they’ve been successful in some of the races in the past, but this time they are really making the case to voters,” Felicianis said.

The campaign has also focused heavily on radio ads in Pennsylvania, a state that Obama carried in 2008 and 2012.

The radio ad that was released on Monday in Pennsylvania will target Republican Gov.

Tom Wolf, who has opposed Romney, saying he has not held a position on the federal debt.

The ad also highlights Wolf’s support for a tax plan that Romney has criticized as too steep.

Rove said he is still hopeful the ad will reach voters in the battleground state.

“We’re going to do everything we can to make the case that he’s the right choice for the voters of Pennsylvania, and he’s going to be our nominee,” Shapiro told The Associated Senate.

“He’s the guy that’s going go after Obama on the economy, he’s got a lot to say about Obamacare and he will be our commander-in-chief.”

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