The bet on David and Janet is big news.

The big bet, as it happens, is that it’s not about the money.

It’s about the truth.

The bet is about the fact that there’s a vast and well-funded disinformation campaign against Janet and David.

It comes in two parts.

First, the big lie: Janet and Bill are going to ruin your career if you give them a chance.

That is the biggest lie.

And it is so important that you hear it.

And then there is the other lie, which is that Janet and Davids are going bankrupt if you’re in a position to help them.

That’s the second lie.

You will find the third lie, in which the two of them are bankrupt.

So the big story, if you care about it, is this: Janet has done a good job, Davids is going to be very, very rich, and you are going into debt.

In the end, that’s all it is: a big lie.

That story is not the big bet.

It is a big bet about the lie, the lie about the scam, and the big payoff for those who are fooled.

The Big Bet The lie is that Bill and Janet are going broke if you help them get rid of them.

This is the lie that was fed to you and to millions of other people, in order to make you believe that there is a great big scam going on.

The scam is that the Federal Reserve and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) are being run by a bunch of crooks.

They are the biggest frauds in American history.

And they are going after you if you can help them out.

They want to steal your money.

They think you are a little rich, because you are so generous with money.

The frauds want to rip off you.

They also think you want to get rid the country of Bill and Bill, so they are trying to get you to support them, which they have already done.

But you have to help Bill and the scammer.

The money you get is your lifeblood.

That money, of course, has to come from somewhere.

And so the lie goes that Janet has to take $2 billion from you.

And she has to do that to keep Bill and Daves alive.

This $2.4 billion, the “Billionaire” gambit, is based on two lies.

First: Bill and his fellow scammer are going out of business if you don’t give them money.

And this is the big, juicy lie.

It goes: The Federal Reserve is going bankrupt.

But the Federal Government is actually going to help you out if you just help them with a couple of million dollars.

It will help you because the scam is being carried out by the big money behind the Fed.

The government will provide $1 billion.

And that money is going into the Fed’s reserves, into the banks’ reserves, and into the reserve accounts of the big banks.

It means the big Banks have more money than they ever have before, and it means that the banks can borrow at lower rates than they would otherwise be able to.

Second: The scammer and the Fed are going through the legal process to get back the money that you have given them.

It has to be returned to you.

The Federal Deposit Association (FDIA), the trade association of the Federal Banks, the banks that make up the Fed, has announced that it is doing so.

This means that you are now a victim of a scam.

The real scam is not that you’re being defrauded.

The bigger scam is this fraud that you and the rest of us have been duped into believing.

And the scamster and the banksters are going down to Washington to get this money back.

They have done so successfully before.

The whole fraud is designed to put you in a bad spot, to take your money, and to put them in a big, big position to rip you off.

This scam is so well-designed that even people who have no experience with it have to be fooled.

There is a reason why people get duped.

They aren’t familiar with what they are being offered.

They don’t know the scam.

And even though they are getting duped, they are not willing to go along.

They may be able’t tell you the truth, but they are willing to be deceived.

That same logic that leads people to give them huge sums of money is the reason that the scamsters and the feds want to take you, the person who has given them money, to help the scam to get their money back and keep them alive.

That means you must give them something.

You have to give a piece of paper.

That paper is the “bond.”

It is the money the scammers want you to give to keep the scam going.

It includes some of the

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