It is a little bit ironic that the Fox News network is supposed to be the news outlet that is actually trying to change the world for the better.

Fox News has the most rabid fans in America.

Its viewers are not easily swayed by the candidates they watch, and are mostly white, male, and educated.

This, of course, is why they have been able to hold onto their viewers with their usual vitriol and disdain for Democrats and the political left for decades.

And now that Fox is finally showing its face, it is being accused of bias and, yes, racism by some.

There is no denying that Fox News is racist, as some have pointed out.

But Fox News and the Fox network are not the same thing.

Fox is not a news channel, nor does it represent the truth in America, and the news that Fox does broadcast is not based on accurate facts or accurate information.

FoxNews is not, in other words, what most people would consider to be a legitimate news outlet.

And that is the big difference between Fox and CNN.

As a general rule, news outlets like Fox do not represent the majority of Americans.

They represent a small percentage of the population who think like Fox and like CNN.

This is why it is not surprising that a CNN report that is written by CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta on Tuesday morning was greeted with a chorus of criticism.

It is not accurate.

CNN has a bias problem.

Acosta did not bother to ask the White House for comment, but when he tweeted out the report, the reaction was immediate.

He has been accused of being racist for daring to suggest that there might be some validity to Fox’s claims about race and the 2016 presidential election.

Acusto has since apologized, saying that he did not know the facts about Fox News, and has also been accused by some of being a liar.

It should be noted that this was a CNN story, which is hardly the same as the news organization itself, and it does not represent all the opinions of CNN’s employees.

There are, however, many things that CNN does well that Fox should emulate, including its coverage of gun control.

But as far as Fox is concerned, this is not news.

As’s Jason Horowitz wrote, “The real story is that the media has gone all out to push their ‘fake news’ narrative.

It’s all part of a concerted effort to distract from the reality of Trump’s election and his administration, and to divert the public from the fact that they have a corrupt political system in America.”

CNN, of the course, does not think that the American public should be distracted from the facts and the truth.

As it has long argued, Fox News did not do the job that it was supposed to do, and instead has been given a pass because it was the only news source on the evening news.

If Fox had not done that, it would not be in the news for much longer.

But, again, it should be clear to those who have followed the news on CNN, and those who are paying attention, that this is a story that CNN is not interested in reporting.

CNN and Fox News are not friends.

And the CNN/Fox News divide will likely be more apparent in the coming weeks as CNN continues to try to shift the blame onto the Whitehouse for the lack of news on President Trump.

But at least the two networks are getting some of the blame.

It appears that CNN has been using the same argument that Fox used to justify its coverage in the first place: that it is a legitimate outlet.

This argument has been used against Fox by some Republicans as well, especially after it became apparent that CNN was going to be losing its primetime prime-time audience and its prime-day viewership.

But CNN, unlike Fox, has been able, by focusing its coverage on the Trump administration, to avoid becoming a victim of its own success.

Fox, on the other hand, has not only failed to live up to its own promises but has also made some very clear mistakes.

CNN, for instance, did not tell the public when it would be broadcasting Trump’s inauguration on February 20, and then did not inform viewers of the fact.

In its own statement, CNN has admitted that it did not adequately warn the public about its decision to move the inauguration date to March 4.

CNN also failed to report the fact, despite a request by the WhiteHouse, that Trump’s cabinet nominees are on the verge of being confirmed.

The most egregious of these mistakes was the decision to report that the Trump White House had released their tax returns, despite the fact the president has refused to release them, and that Trump had signed his first executive order in more than seven years.

CNN’s decision to use the word “fake” instead of “fraud” is a clear indication that Fox has been dishonest, and Fox has also failed in its mission of informing the public.

Fox has, after

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