A senior administration official told Fox News that the administration has asked the Justice Department to investigate the claim that the U.N. Security Council sanctioned an operation in 2013 that targeted the Syrian government.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to publicly discuss the matter.

In response to a question about the assertion, a Justice Department spokesperson said: “We don’t comment on ongoing investigations.”

The State Department and U.K. Foreign Office have both said that they had no knowledge of the covert operation.

In December 2013, an unnamed official with knowledge of that operation told the Associated Press that it involved the CIA, the U-2 spy plane, Syrian rebels and the Syrian National Coalition, which the U,S.

and U-K.


The U.s. and the U.-K.

have said the covert U-S operation was a response to the Assad government’s chemical weapons use against its own people.

But the United Nations and other observers have said it was an unprovoked attack, and the Obama administration has said that it has not been responsible for it.

Trump’s administration has also criticized the U’s ability to hold a U.n.

Security Assembly meeting without U.U.S.-backed forces.

In a letter to the U., a White House official told the lawmakers: “I don’t believe the UAS should be considered as the sole arbiter of the use of force against the Syrian Government.”

That statement is in sharp contrast to previous statements by the Trump administration, which have called for a multilateral coalition to take the lead in the Syrian civil war.

Trump has also called for the United States to deploy the US.

Marines in northern Syria, where the U S.-led coalition is fighting ISIS.

On Monday, a senior U. s administration official confirmed to Fox News, “the Trump administration continues to pursue a comprehensive strategy to degrade, isolate and defeat ISIL in Iraq and Syria.”

Trump and his aides have repeatedly questioned the legitimacy of the U’ s credibility and effectiveness in the region, even though the administration is leading a military operation that has killed tens of thousands of people.

“This is a strategy that is not going to work,” a senior administration administration official said of the campaign to destroy ISIS.

The administration has pushed back against those assessments.

In October, for example, a White Senate staffer said in a classified briefing with a reporter that the “Trump administration’s current strategy is to not engage in a ‘degrade and ultimately destroy’ strategy.”

And in an October interview with Fox News on Tuesday, a State Department official said: We don’t see the threat of ISIL being extinguished and the threat to the region as imminent.

“The White House, meanwhile, has tried to tamp down any criticism that it is trying to take a backseat to the president.

A senior White House adviser said in September that the Trump Administration has “a different set of priorities and a different set a strategy and a strategy is different than that of the past administration.”

We believe the success of the strategy will depend on the ability of the coalition to do this successfully and sustainably,” the adviser added.

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