The 2020 Democratic primary is the last chance for a progressive president to win.

That means, in the words of one analyst, that “a lot of people” are already predicting the Democrats will lose their majority.

How to bet: The Hill’s Paul Kane explains how to bet, in his latest book, The Hillbet Awards: Betting for the 2020 Senate, House and White House.

What it means for 2020: With a GOP Senate and House in the bag, the Democrats must try to keep the GOP’s majority and retake control of the House, a daunting task.

A lot of the predictions about the 2020 primaries predict that Democrats will win in huge numbers.

That is why, with the 2020 bet awards coming up, I am going to try to predict which Democratic candidates are likely to win the primary and which ones will fall short.

For example, I will use the 2020 betting odds, which include the odds that both Democratic candidates will win the general election, to predict how likely they are to win each race.

I am betting on the Democratic primary as of the early morning of April 3, 2020.

Here are the candidates in my 2020 bet odds, as of that day.


Hillary Clinton: 76% (8.6/10) – It is still a tough year for the former Secretary of State, who was the first female presidential nominee and is in the midst of her most robust general election campaign.

She has already won the Democratic primaries in New York and Pennsylvania, as well as in the Midwest and South.

Clinton’s strength in the general is likely to be her ability to expand her base of support from white, working-class voters.

She is also running against the Republican candidate, former House Speaker John Boehner, and is expected to beat him in the electoral college, as polls suggest she has a strong chance of winning the White House, which is what her supporters are counting on. 2.

Bernie Sanders: 67% (5.9/10): Despite some early signs of weakness, Sanders is still the favorite to win in the Democratic Party primary.

The Vermont senator is running against Democratic front-runner and former Secretary Clinton, former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine.

The former Maryland governor, who has made no secret of his disdain for Clinton, is one of Sanders’ strongest opponents, and it appears he is going to be in his corner in the primary.

Sanders has already been making big strides, winning in Iowa and New Hampshire, and the polling data shows that he is in a much better position than Clinton.

Sanders, who is also a self-described democratic socialist, has been winning among voters who identify with that label, and that could be key to his success in the nomination fight.


Ben Carson: 67.5% (6.5/10), Carson has been making some noise, but is he going to win?

Carson’s best chance to win is with the support of African Americans and Latinos, but he is still far behind in that demographic group, and his campaign is focusing on reaching out to young voters and women.


Rand Paul: 68.5 (3.5) – The Kentucky Senator has been gaining ground in the polls, which are beginning to look good.

He has also managed to make a name for himself as a serious presidential candidate, having won in South Carolina and Nevada.

Paul is hoping to gain support from independents and people who are not already voting in primaries.

He is also hoping to win some support from younger voters.


Chris Christie: 62.5 % (3/10).

The New Jersey Governor is also the leading candidate for 2020.

The polls have Christie at a very slight lead over his GOP opponent, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and he is hoping for a boost from independents.


Ben Nelson: 61.5 percent (2.9) – Nelson is a strong underdog to the former Massachusetts Governor, who also has a very strong showing among Democrats.

Nelson is running on a platform that appeals to working- and middle-class Americans, and as a result is also making progress in the race.

Nelson has already begun to make inroads among Democrats, and has been getting stronger endorsements.


Cory Booker: 59.5%, (1.7) – Booker is also one of the strongest prospects in the Senate, but it appears that he has little chance of reaching the top tier.

Booker is trying to build his brand with the endorsement of the popular hip-hop artist Jay-Z.


Elizabeth Warren: 56.5, (1/10/10, 1/4/10)– The Massachusetts senator is one step closer to becoming the first woman to win a major party presidential nomination.

She’s also one step away from becoming the third woman to lead a major U.S. Senate party, after

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