Interferons are chemical weapons that kill cancer cells.

The chemicals in them are also used to kill other viruses and bacteria.

But a new drug made from the chemicals could help us fight cancer.

Interferon Beta is the same as the type used to fight malaria, which can cause blindness and even death.

Now, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the treatment, called dendriticcycline, for treating the disease, as well as some forms of lymphoma.

It’s currently in phase 1 trials, and the agency expects to approve it for use in about 20,000 people.

It won’t be cheap.

At the moment, the drug is only being used in people who have recently been diagnosed with cancer, so it’s not cheap.

But dendritonium chloride costs about $100 per unit, which is still a lot less than what most people pay for their next treatment, a cocktail of chemotherapy drugs.

The FDA’s announcement comes as the US has seen a dramatic rise in deaths from cancers linked to the flu and other respiratory infections.

One in three people who get the flu will die from it.

But this latest discovery could make things a lot safer.

The drug works by blocking the production of certain molecules called tumour suppressors, which normally help cancer cells to grow.

The tumour inhibitors prevent cancer cells from attacking the cells that are trying to kill them.

The drugs work by disrupting the molecule in tumour cells called the receptor.

If that happens, the tumour cell can’t get to the receptor and attack it.

That could help cancer stem cells grow, which are the cells in our bodies that help our body fight infection.

But in the case of interferonal beta, the drugs could also be used to help people fight cancer in their own bodies.

When it works It could make interferonies more dangerous to cancer cells, by preventing their tumour-suppressing effect.

Interferences can also make them less effective.

This year, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) warned that the drug could cause a cancer-causing response in people with high levels of tumour suppression.

But the new drug could make this less of a problem, at least in the short term.

Interference can happen in the laboratory, too, where the drug will be tested against other drugs that are not currently on the market.

The agency has said that the new dendrites could be used as adjuvants in treatments that interfere with other molecules that are naturally produced in cells.

And in some people, the new treatment may be able to work better in cancer cells than other treatments, like chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

“It’s exciting to be able use a compound that has been approved by the FDA, which could save thousands of lives,” said Jennifer P. Mascarenhas, a scientist at the National Cancer Institute.

“I’m very hopeful.”

The drug’s approval comes a month after the agency approved a combination of drugs that help control the disease called TCA-8, which blocks the immune system from making new tumour suppressing molecules.

And now, scientists are also trying to find a way to make dendrite inhibitors that are safer for people who are already cancer-prone.

The dendrocycline drug will have to be tested in more people to see if the drug can work in patients with different cancers.

But experts are hopeful that it will work well.

“There are a number of patients who have not been treated for cancer,” said Dr. Jennifer F. McQuade, an associate professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, and an expert on cancer.

“They are the ones who are most vulnerable to being affected by interferony beta.

If we can find a drug that doesn’t cause side effects, and that also works well, that would be fantastic.”

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