The first crypto-currency is gaining momentum in a global market that has largely been dominated by dollars and euros.

The cryptocurrency, also known as Bitcoin, is not backed by a central bank or government.

It is created and controlled by computers running software on millions of computers.

It’s also not backed for the long term, but can be used to buy goods and services in a country where the government can’t control the price.

Bitcoin is now trading at over $3,800 an ounce.

The currency is not legal tender in most countries.

It doesn’t have a single unit of measurement.

It has been called the “alt-currency of choice” and is considered a digital currency.

A digital currency can’t be printed, but rather “mined” out of thin air.

In a bid to make Bitcoin more appealing to new investors, some investors are buying it as a way to diversify their portfolio, according to a report by the investment bank Goldman Sachs.

Many of the people buying bitcoins are people who are seeking a way out of the U.S. dollar.

Bitcoins are not just a way for people to spend their dollars but can also be used as a form of payment.

Bitcoin users have the ability to spend Bitcoins as well as their U. S. dollars, according, according.

It was a new phenomenon for the U,S.

Dollar, which is why many people were surprised when it started trading in the U of A, according Mr. Chiu.

It looks like the crypto-markets have exploded. “

People are really buying into it, which has led to more people buying it.

It looks like the crypto-markets have exploded.

People are buying in large quantities, which means they’re taking more risks.”

Bitcoin is gaining attention in a worldwide market that was dominated by U.s. dollars and Euros until about a year ago.

Bitcoin has been used to pay for goods and service in the developing world, including in countries like India, China, and Vietnam.

The price of Bitcoins has fluctuated wildly, with prices in some countries increasing as high as $3.1 billion in early August.

The value of Bitcoins surged this past summer, after they were introduced to the U., U.K., and France, as well.

Bitcoin was the second-most valuable crypto-coin on the New York Stock Exchange.

The Bitcoin price is also a big issue for the United Nations, which announced last week that it would begin taxing Bitcoin to help pay for international development.

The U.N. is concerned that Bitcoin may encourage the transfer of illegal money.