Newborns born in Britain are being raised by their surrogate mothers, and some are reporting problems with the process.

The BBC has been speaking to three mothers who say they are struggling to cope with the new arrangement and its effects on their babies.

In their experience, surrogate mothers are becoming more controlling and are also more involved in the upbringing of their children.

The mother is expected to be in charge of the infant’s care, while her partner takes care of things like eating, sleeping and the care of their other children.

These surrogate mothers also need to meet the child’s biological mother at least once a week to make sure they are doing everything they are supposed to be doing.

But the new arrangements also mean that the surrogate mother now has the right to take her child out of the home if she feels she has not been properly nurturing it.

And she can now decide how much she wants to spend on childcare and other household expenses.

“I want my baby to be happy and healthy,” one mother told the BBC.

“It’s my baby now, not hers, and I’m not giving up control over it.

I am doing what I need to do for my baby.”

“The surrogate mother has the power of the courts to stop you doing things that you would never want to do, such as using alcohol to drown your child, and she has the ability to force you to do things that are against your religion, your culture, your morals, whatever.”

Another mother said she was worried that she was going to be “taken advantage of” by her new surrogate mother and that she would have to deal with the “biggest emotional upheaval” she had ever faced.

“If I had to have a child, I don’t think I’d have had the courage to have the surrogacy,” she told the broadcaster.

“But if it was me, it’s really going to affect me in a big way.”

‘There is a danger’ The surrogate mother’s role in the birth of a child is a complicated one.

She is supposed to have full custody of the child.

But in some cases, her partner is able to take the child with him and bring it back home to the surrogate family.

But she is not supposed to take charge of raising the child at all, as she is expected and trained to do.

She can also be arrested if the surrogate is found to be neglecting the child or neglecting their responsibilities.

“There is always a danger that the child may not be safe at home,” said the mother who asked not to be named.

“They have got to keep a low profile and stay out of sight, away from the parents.

But I do not want that.”

In fact, some surrogate mothers report that their surrogate babies are having difficulties with their emotional well-being and social skills.

One mother described the situation as “really traumatic”, while another said she had to leave her baby with her surrogate because she feared the surrogate would take her away.

“You just don’t know what to expect,” she said.

“The surrogacy process has become more and more intrusive and controlling.”

“It makes the surrogate a controlling presence and makes it difficult for her to have any sort of control over the child,” the mother added.

“She can’t even control what she eats, or what they are eating.”

One surrogate mother said that the surrogates “have the power to force [the mother] to do what they want to, to not do things”.

The surrogate is often expected to keep her child at home.

The surrogate can also order that the mother not visit her child or even give her the child away.

And sometimes the surrogate has to “cure” the child if it is not doing well at home, for example by giving it drugs, bathing it in alcohol or giving it a pacifier.

“My baby is now a burden on my shoulders and my parents,” the surrogate told the programme.

“We have to have them take care of the baby because the baby is a burden.”

‘It’s like a second family’ It’s difficult to know exactly how much control the surrogate can have.

“For example, it could be that she doesn’t even understand how to take care and care of her child,” one surrogate mother told BBC News.

“Or she doesn of course have a huge amount of power over [the child], but that doesn’t mean she’s doing everything she should be doing.”

And there are other problems with how surrogacy is being carried out in Britain.

According to a report published by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, surrogacy can be difficult for the mother to navigate and for the child to interact with.

In a report released last year, the experts said that children from surrogate mothers can be very difficult to navigate, and that the process of finding the right surrogate mother can be a very difficult process for children.

“Even though we know that the babies are well

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