Mike Tiricos odds on the upcoming NFL Draft: 1/10.5 – NFL teams are going to take the QB.1/10 – The Patriots are likely to be better than the Chiefs.1.5/10- NFL teams could be more productive if they draft a quarterback than they would be if they took a WR.1 – I am not sure how much value is in picking a QB. 1/2.5: It’s a toss-up between the Seahawks and Vikings.2/5: The Cowboys are still in the mix.2.75/5- The Chiefs are likely the best bet at the top of the draft.3/5 – The Steelers could be a better bet than the Broncos.3.5 : The Giants and Lions are the two best bets.4/5 : It’s the Jets who are the best pick at the end of the first round.4.5 /5: Packers have the best chance at a franchise quarterback.5.5%: It is possible the Patriots could be better at this time than the Bills.6% /5.25: The Browns and Titans are the only two teams with a better chance of getting a franchise QB than the Dolphins.7% /7.25:- The Eagles have the worst chance at getting a Franchise QB.7.75% /8.75: The Bengals are the worst bet at this point.10% /10: The Chiefs, Patriots, Vikings, and Packers all have the most chance of winning the Super Bowl.10.75%: The Steelers and Bears are the second and third best bets at this juncture.10/10: A Super Bowl win is the best in the history of the NFL.

The NFL Draft is on Sunday.

The NFL Picks are: 1:00 PM ET, ESPN2, Fox Sports 1, and NFL Network.

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