New York – It’s a Super Bowl, and the odds are stacked against the New England Patriots.

The Patriots are favored to win the big game on Sunday.

However, betting sites are starting to give the Patriots a chance to win in a landslide.

The odds for the Patriots at the time of writing are 2-1.

The odds of the Patriots winning the game are 3-1, and 3-2 for the Seahawks.

That means the New Orleans Saints and Oakland Raiders are in a tie for the second-most likely Super Bowl outcome.

New England is looking to rebound from a season-opening loss to the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl LI title game.

The Patriots had a 4-0 start to the season, and have won three of their past four games.

However the Seahawks have won four of their last six, and are on pace for a 5-1 start this season.

The Seahawks have had a rough couple of weeks, with two of their three losses coming to the Cardinals and 49ers.

The team has also been knocked out of the playoffs for the first time in their history.

However in a tight race, the Seahawks are ahead on the points and on the field goal percentage.

If the Patriots win on Sunday, it will be the first Super Bowl victory for New England since 1998.

The previous record was the 2001 season, when the New York Giants defeated the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC title game, and New England won the title.

The other teams in the wild card race are the Arizona Cardinals (4-2), the San Francisco 49ers (3-3), the Miami Dolphins (3/4) and the Buffalo Bills (4/2).

The winner of that game will host the playoffs.

If New England wins the Super of course, the Superbowl will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, the home of the Saints.

This would be the third Super Bowl held in the city.

The New Orleans Super Bowl will be played on Sunday February 3, 2019.

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