In a bid to help its users bet on an upcoming election, Betfair has partnered with the online sports betting site beta storm to provide live odds on whether a potential Republican or Democrat can win the White House in November.

The website has partnered up with Betfair, which is also running a beta for betting on presidential elections, to offer an online sportsbook for users to bet on.

Beta storm was launched in February, and it was designed to make betting on online sports more accessible to more people.

Betfair said beta storm had a 100% success rate and it now has over 200,000 active users, up from just under 20,000 in 2016.

It said beta storms were the best way for people to bet for the election on a variety of topics, including sports, political events, and even the World Cup, although it admitted the site could only handle so many people at a time.

Users can use beta storm on any device, from smartphones to desktop computers, and Betfair is also allowing people to add new bet types to their bet pools.

Beta storms have proved popular among sports fans because they allow them to bet a variety and realistic sports betting odds on the same site, said Betfair chief executive Steve Dickson.

Beta Storm is available for all users to play against, including Betfair members.

Beta markets are not regulated by the US Department of Justice, but Betfair’s rules are more stringent than those in many other countries, with Betas rules for sports betting being more stringent.

Betfair has already partnered with sports betting platform to offer beta sports betting to people who have a Betfair-sponsored account.

Betting on presidential electionBetfair says beta storm will only accept bets for the November elections, but will continue to provide users with odds for the next two presidential elections.

Betwise, the online betting platform, has also announced that it will also be offering beta bet types on its site.

The company said it was testing Betfair beta storm.

Betfire, a sports betting service, said it had partnered with beta storm, and was working on beta sportsbetting for its users.

Betteradio, a betting service which uses Betfair technology, is also partnering up with betastorm.

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