Why I won’t bet on NFL, NBA or NHL until 2020

I will not bet on any NFL,NBA or NHL game until 2020, I have been told.This comes as the NBA and NFL continue to wrestle with their financial challenges as well as a continuing wave of lawsuits.It also comes after a string of legal defeats by the league.The league announced that its NBA All-Star Game […]

How Apple’s public beta of iOS 9 could affect your iPhone and iPad 5 years after it first went on sale

Apple’s latest public beta for iOS 9 is about as far from a stable release as you can get.The company said Tuesday that the update will be available for iPhones and iPads starting in a few days.Apple has been rolling out the update to iPhones and Macs in limited numbers in recent weeks.The beta has […]

How do you decide if a person is a beta?

In 2017, Australia passed a law to regulate beta testing, the process whereby companies can ask users for a beta code, which is an optional add-on that can be used to access certain features or even allow users to earn rewards for participating.But in the past few months, several Australian companies have raised concerns that […]

What’s BetPlus and how does it work?

BetPlus is a new online betting site launched by BetStars which aims to offer the cheapest, best and most comprehensive betting options available.It launched with a bang and is now attracting more than 400,000 registered users.The service offers a range of games and betting methods which are based on betting odds and other information, with […]

How to predict the next round of the NBA playoffs

Best bets and predictions for the next NBA playoff round, which will take place on Sunday night.Here are the best bets on each of the four remaining teams and some of the biggest surprises in the final standings.1.Cavs: No. 2 seed Cleveland has a strong shot at advancing to the conference finals with a win […]

Ten Years of Snap, Snap, and more: The year in tech

It’s the first full year in which there are no Apple TV apps.That’s a good thing, right?Not really.Apple TV app stores have been around for decades, but Apple has never been very popular with gamers, who are generally less likely to pay for an Apple TV.This was a huge problem for Microsoft, which saw the […]

What is Alain Vigneault’s bet on a season-ending injury?

A year ago, the Blue Jackets had to be patient with Cam Atkinson’s return from his knee injury.Now, they’ve got a few years to find out if they can make the playoffs.Alain Vagach/Associated PressThe Blue Jackets are hoping for a season to end on the same note.They’re hoping they can get into the playoffs with […]

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